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Use Premade CCTV Cables to Make Your CCTV Camera Installation Easy!

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Are you looking for a way to install cables for your CCTV cameras without buying tools and connectors to do all the work? If so buying self made CCTV cables might be the best solution for you! are basically your Siamese CCTV cable that is pre-terminated with connectors already on it so all you have to do is just plug your cameras in and you are ready to go! Premade CCTV cables are perfect for the person that is installing a system at their home or business and they just don’t want to invest in all the tools and supplies to make the h07rn f cables on their own! All you have to do is measure the tools runs you need and choose the premade CCTV cables that support those cable run distances. Most are offered in black or white and in numerous lengths to support most camera cable distances.

Quality premade feature both the RG59 coax cable and the 18/2 power cable together in one easy to pull Siamese cable solution. The power cable of a premade CCTV cable has molded power connectors pre-installed that allow you to easily plug in a transformer to power your cameras. If you are using a central multi-channel power supply you can simply cut the connector off the power side and screw the twin and earth cable directly down on the terminal blocks located on the power supply. On the opposite side of the power supply there is also a power connector that allows you to simply install it right to the camera. On the coaxial of a premade CCTV cable you will have molded compression BNC connectors terminated on both sides. So one end of the RG59 coaxial cable will connect to your DVR via the BNC connector and the same will happen on the opposite side to attach to the security camera. So premade CCTV cables create a plug and play installation for you and save you time and money because you are not out there spending your time putting connectors on the ends of all your cables!

The alternative to using that would be to invest in your own cable stripper, BNC connectors, power connectors, compression termination tool, and bulk cable to do all the work on your own. Many people do choose to make their own 2/0 welding cables. Sometimes the cable length you need just does not match the lengths available for premade. In this case maybe making the investment in the tools, connectors, and the bulk cable is a better option for you. But using premade could save you a lot of time and money!

If buying CCTV cable is the solution for you only buy quality cables from a reputable source. Make sure the cables used to make them are quality cables that will support a premium video signal. Look at the specification and make sure the coaxial welding cable price list used has a 95% copper braid with a solid copper center conductor. These are the characteristics of a high quality coaxial cable! Have fun installing your CCTV system!

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