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Some dos and don’ts on a first date with a post-op trans girl?

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Are there some things you should never say to her on the first date? I really like this girl and don’t want to put her off with my clumsy ways. I mean well but sometimes I make a huge mess with my big mouth

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  1. As a trans woman myself, I can say that yes, there are some things that can be a huge turn off for me on a date, especially with someone who is not very versed in trans dating. First of all, do not look at her like she’s some exotic creature. Do not marvel at her and her “peculiarities.” It’s ok to be curious, but don’t pry. Let her tell you thinks at her own rate. Don’t be brash or rude, but don’t be a prude either. She’s just like you, excited for your date, hoping something nice would come out of it, and probably a little scared. Just treat her like you would any other girl and she will really appreciate it. Later on, when things get physical, don’t stare at her parts or look at her like she’s a circus freak show. I don’t know how far into her transformation she is, but she may have (or may lack) some things that you’re not expecting to find, so please don’t be too shocked and don’t let it show. There are no absolute no-no’s except for questions like “So can I see your fake vag?” or “Do you miss your d**k?”

    Hearniumbr - Feb 10, 2017 | Reply

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