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Shut off valve and Ball valve manufacturers from

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The benefits of water main valve exercise usually won’t be realized until a water main leak or break occurs, but then they will be significant. The fact that the process was carried out at all means that the people in charge know where all the valves in the system are located, which is the first benefit. Your Floating Ball Valve management program will also help you to find the location of the leak quickly, which means figuring out which valves to shut off and finding those valves is a speedy process. Any delay in the shutdown of valves in an emergency can mean severe damage to the system and chaos and injury above ground.

The emergency valve is the easiest and quickest way to cut off the water supply in the event of a serious leak. If you have your own well, you will normally find the emergency shut off valve by the pressure tank. If your water comes from your local town or city, you will normally find the emergency valve at the water supply meter. Inside the meter, you will find the emergency valve. You should be able to see the valve handle. There are other valves located under sinks and by the toilet. They will have a lever that you turn to shut off the water supply to that fixture. If you have a dish washer and washing machine, you will also find valves. As well, you can find a valve on the wall next to the water heater or in the basement. A valve handle can be a lever or look like a wagon wheel (Trunnion Ball Valve). You may need a wrench to close a valve.

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