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North carolina transgender law???

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I don’t get this, why are trans people angry?

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  1. We are angry because the North Carolina Bathroom Law (Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act) discriminates against trans people. It says that you have to use the bathroom that matches the sex specified on your birth certificate. So if you are a ftm in transition who has not yet legally changed the documents, you can face repercussions if you are caught using the ladies room instead of men’s room. As any trans person knows, it can be very frustrating having to use the wrong bathroom and it can even be dangerous in some cases. That’s the main problem with this law. I personally salute the efforts for keeping the creeps from ladies’ rooms, I guess that would be one point to this law, but there are some serious aspects of it that are very damaging for trans people.

    Treyshon - Feb 02, 2017 | Reply

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