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Mig Welding Aluminum

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Mig welding aluminum can be a real pain for a lot of people. For you to h07rn f cable aluminum properly with a mig welder you must first set it up for running the softer wires. The biggest problem when using ally wire is that it is very soft. Because the wire is so soft, people always run into wire feeding issues. To successfully weld aluminum you need to have a very smooth feeding mig welding gun.

To start off don’t go using a welding cable that is very long. Ideally try to keep it at about 10 foot long, which is about 3m. The longer the distance is that the wire has to travel through the welding gun the more internal resistance there is going to be. You also need to use a plastic or teflon liner. These liners offer far less resistance than your standard steel mig twin and earth cable torch liner. Some welding torches will also require you to change out the liner in the neck of the torch as well.

The next item that you need to change to be able to successfully 2/0 welding cable aluminum is the drive or feed rolls. Your standard feed rolls will come with a v shaped groove in them. But for the softer aluminum wires there are special feed rolls that have a U-shaped pattern. This special pattern allows more surface area contact so that it has more forced to feed the wire through the gun. The standard sized contact tip will need to be up-sized to a larger one to allow for easier wire feeding.

Ideally if your machine has a four-wheel drive on the wire feed as opposed to a two wheel drive, you’re going to have more traction and wire feeding force. You can also buy what is called a push pull mig welding gun.

These are specially designed for this type of application and will offer 100% wire feed ability and reliability. The way that these work is that they have a set of feed rollers built in to the handle of the torch. So now the wire only has to feed roughly about a foot from these feed rollers to where the welding cable price list arc is.

You must also clean down all surfaces with a stainless steel wire brush. This brush is to be only used on aluminum and never on anything else, period. If you do use it for something else and then go back to using it on ally you will end up contaminating everything. Then when you go to weld again it won’t be pretty.

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