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How to Ensure the Durability of Fibre-Optic Cables

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The advantages of fibre-optic house electrical wiring are well known. They are more reliable and cost-efficient than their counterparts which use copper wire. They are more durable as well. Still, their durability will depend greatly on the environment which they are set in. That is why you have to ensure that they have the right properties for withstanding any harmful environmental impacts.


Fibre-optic cables which are stretched over a long distance have to have high strength and, more specifically, high pulling strength. This is because the pulling tension is considerable even if there are measures applied for its easing. The strength is measured in kilograms or pounds. It is up to you to determine your strength requirement based on the length of the electrical wire size and on the harshness of the environment where it will be installed.

Moisture Protection

If the fibre-optic cables are installed outdoors, they will certainly be exposed to moisture. In this case, models with loose tube construction are recommended. These cables have glass core and cladding plus a protective layer. The jacket which is moisture-resistant and typically made from polyethylene provides a higher level of protection.

Additionally, the power cable manufacturers which will be exposed to moisture while in use receive filling which works to block it. There are two filling options available at present. The gel is the traditional option, but it is messier to use. Alternatively, you can use powder, which is especially formulated to absorb moisture.

Impact Resistance

The cables which are at risk of getting crushed or damaged by rodents and possibly other animals, have to be made resistant to such impacts. These are usually cables which are installed under the ground or under the floor. In order to become resistant to impact, they receive armor. The armor is set around the fibres and right under the protective jacket. If the risk of rodent penetration is high the armor can be set between two protective jackets.

Fire Resistance

All of the fibre-optic cables which are installed inside buildings, must meet the fire code ratings set in the particular area. The jacket, which is typically made from polymer plastic, must have the required fire-retardant level. It is your responsibility to check the fire code ratings which you must adhere to when investing in armored cables for the network which you are constructing or repairing.

If the environment where you will set the fibre-optic cables has specific impacts which may be potentially harmful, you must discuss them with the provider.

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