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How can you know when your transgender transformation is over?

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What I mean is, like, you can change and change and have your hormones and your surgery and then if you have money you have more surgeries like cosmetic ones and then you fix your skin, hair, nails, clothes, voice, everything but how do you know when you’re there, do you tell yourself like “ok, this is it, I’m done, I’m a real woman/man now, I will now stop” ?

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  1. This is a pretty strange question but let me give it a shot. There are some things that every person in transition/transformation needs to do and those things depend only on him/her. Not everyone wants to change their genitals. Not everyone wants to have breasts or to stop having breasts. It’s highly subjective and individual. So I guess the answer to your question would be “Whenever you feel like you’ve got to the point where you are comfortable with who you are and the body you inhabit.”

    WolfOfTheNight - Feb 07, 2017 | Reply

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