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Computer Cables – Latest Technology Computer Cables

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Cables4computer is the one stop store for computer gamers, music lovers, IT professionals, technicians looking for hard drives, networking solutions, cables, connectors or adapters.

Cables4computer has more than 2500+ top selling products in stock and ready to ship on same day of order. Featured products of cables4computer are Ziplinq cables, audio-unlimited products, hard core cables, Kabling Cables, Pro AV series cables, ultra flat cables and cables unlimited cables.

Kabling Series cables and Wireless speakers:

Purchasing Kabling designer Pink series products and wireless speakers at cables4computer you will be indirectly contributing to National Breast Cancer Foundation. KaBLING cables and wireless speakers are perfect for any laptop, desktop, and sound system. These striking pink USB, Power, Audio, HDMI, H07rn f cable are fully tricked out with brilliant, hand applied crystals, adding style to any computer system. Add to the mix their incredible sounding portable 900 megahertz Pink Wireless Speakers! Show off your Pink style with KaBLING Designer Pink Series products while supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Audio Unlimited Wireless Headphones & Speakers

For the ultimate listening pleasure, try Audio Unlimited line of 2.4GHz & 900MHz wireless indoor-outdoor mountable speakers, wireless headphones, wireless outdoor rock speakers, wireless and floating pool speaker, wireless shower speaker and more! Connect the transmitter to any audio device, like your digital receiver, iPod/iPhone, CD/MP3 player, PC/Laptop or any TV, DVD, or Blu-Ray player. Portable versatility with crystal clear sound up to 150 feet away from your music source. Audio Unlimited products are a simple wire-free solution anywhere inside or outside your home, transmitting the audio signal through walls, floors, ceilings. With auto-scan feature, phase lock loop technology (PLL), you’re guaranteed interference-free music. No static, hisses, or pops. Plus listen to the same music or program throughout your home or office by adding speakers to your current set.

Pro A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio & Video Cables & Accessories

Pro A/V Series Ultra Premium Audio & Video Cables are wide variety of high end cables & connectors to maximize home entertainment experience. If you are searching for the cables for Home Theatre viewing and listening, consider Pro A/V Series premium line of twin and earth cables and connectors. Cables4computer audio video HDMI products integrate and seamlessly connect your A/V components to attain the best high-definition, Plasma, DLP, LCD image, and optimize the sound clarity of your multi-channel entertainment system.

UltraFlat Cables & Accessories

UltraFlat Cables are adhesive backed, can be used on almost any smooth, clean surface, can be attached to a surface and left uncovered, or be easily covered with paint, wallpaper, or floor coverings. UltraFlat HDMI Home Theatre cables are designed to ensure the perfect transfer of digital video and audio signals. These unique ultraFlat twisted pair construction cables with high-density shielding reduce crosstalk and offers a cleaner signal than round cables. They’re ideal for running behind entertainment systems, under carpet, or around corners. No more pulling wire through walls, attics, or using ugly wire mold.

UltraFlat Cat6 high performance gigabit Ethernet patch cables are perfect for connecting your PC to a network where space is tight. With all the reliability and performance of a standard Cat6 patch cable, this 1.2mm thick 2/0 welding cable fits into the tightest space. Your desktop or wall jack is less cluttered.

Hardcore Gaming Series Cables & Accessories

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Hardcore Gaming series line of Wii, PS3, and X-BOX360 premium A/V play and charge cables, controllers, charging dock stations and kits, power supplies, infra red inductors. For the ultimate gaming pleasure, connect them to your Home Theatre!

ZipLinq Mobility Solutions

The perfect mobility solution is our revolutionary top rated retractable ZipLinq product line designed to simplify & enhance your ability to plug in at home, or on the road. ZipLinq Retractable cables come in USB, Firewire, Cell phone Chargers, PDA Charge and Sync Cables, Modular Telephone and Networking cables, a Mini Optical USB Mouse, iPod and iPhone adapters.

Cables4computer stock a large assortment of welding cable price list and accessories in the Computer, Audio/Video, Gaming, Wireless, Networking categories. From Flat Ribbon, SCSI, USB cables, to Ethernet adapter cards, Firewire cables, IO Cards Express Cards, to basic Audio/Video connectivity ranging up to high end HDMI and UltraFlat cables. Cables4computer offer portable, indoor and outdoor weather-resistant wireless speakers and headphones, Wireless USB Adapters, and more.

All the products at Cables4computer are Eco friendly. All products and packages are RoHS Compliant, using recycled materials, PETE/PETG Blister packaging, helping to ensure healthier and safe planet.
If you cannot find a store near to your location, Cables4computer has a large online presence, specific to US and Canada. Cables4computer also takes international orders as well. Cables4computer offers customers to track all orders online, weekly and monthly special deals, and great discounts on bulk orders also provide custom cables solutions.

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