Transgender Questions and Answers

Transgender Q&A is your own spot on the web where you can explore the transgender lifestyle, talk about transgender pronouns and transgender statistics, ask questions, get a bunch of awesome answers and share your opinion with others. What does transgender mean to you? Share your thoughts with us.


Welcome to the safest place online where you can ask questions and give answers related to all transgender matters. This site was designed to be a safe and anonymous space for sharing any thought, any desire and any doubt about the transgender lifestyle. It welcomes both transgender people and their admirers and allows them to freely explore every topic that piques their interest.

Unfortunately, we live among people who fear everything that does not fit their idea of what is normal, appropriate or adequate and whose minds are confined within the artificial walls of imposed conventions. That is why transgender people, especially those who are young and just discovering who they are, suffer from a lack of understanding and support.

Let us unite and stand by one another in an effort to provide everyone with answers they need in order to understand themselves better. This is the place where you can share your experiences with people who could benefit from your advice, discover everything you wanted to know about being transgender and bond with others who walk the same path.

Become a part of Transgender Q&A community and enjoy the freedom you crave and deserve.