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7 Industries Commonly Supported by Custom Cable Manufacturing

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Our modern world depends on the accurate and reliable transmission of energy and data. Believe it or not, the technologies that support these transmissions are amazingly simple in terms of technology, however, requires sophisticated production processes in order to create the most reliable wiring and cables for a variety of different applications and industries. The entire industry of custom cat6 cable manufacturing has arisen simply to provide these capabilities to the general public. Here are 7 of the most common cabling industries.

1. Telecom – When you pull out your smartphone to check your email, check Google Maps, or look up that actor that was in that thing, you rely on wireless or 5G networks. Or, if you use your laptop to access the Internet, you often do so over ethernet or fiber optic cables. Ultimately, all of those networks are powered by customized cables designed to transfer digital information quickly and accurately.

2. Public Utility – From transmitting power to a municipality’s general public, or ensuring the accurate timing and powering of common street lights, public utility is another one of the big consuming industries of 1/0 welding cable.

3. Aerospace – The wiring in the instrument panel of an airplane, from a single engine bi plane to an F-16 fighter jet, can be up to miles in length from if strung together end to end. This wiring is often complex and requires extremely specific requirements to aid in the installation and maintenance of the aircraft.

4. Military & Defense – Every branch of the military has a use for wiring and cabling. From providing power to an overseas military base or outpost, to providing secure and high fidelity strategic communications to key units in the field, having reliable wiring that can perform in some of the most rugged environments in the world is critical to mission success.

5. Medical РThe cabling and wiring necessary for hospital and healthcare applications also have very specific requirements. For instance, many medical instruments must be sterilized, a process that involves extreme temperatures car cables for battery and moisture, two things known to break down the integrity of electricity and signal conducting wires. Medical wiring and cabling needs to be able to withstand repeated exposure to a sanitizing machine.

6. Public Safety – From the wiring in the dashboard of a police cruiser or ambulance, to the various communications technologies, public safety is a frequent purchaser of wire and cable.

7. Industrial Control – Imagine an automotive production line, and all of the machinery, from the robotic arms used to assemble parts to the vehicle’s frame, to the robots used to deliver and replenish inventory to the assembly line, the wire and 4 gauge battery wire needs of major industrial applications and manufacturing.

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